SEC's Attack on A Small Private Equity Fund - wrong in itself, and also violating Constitutional rights of equal protection
SEC v. Small Business Capital Corp.
Everything you will ever need to be convinced that employees within SEC, and Thomas Seaman, a court appointed receiver, have acted in misconduct or fraud.  

- Receiver Thomas Seaman's Perjury and Fraud on the Court
Opposition Filingto Seaman motion to sell fund assets, and also showing his further misconduct.

 - I don't need to show Seaman falsely represented himself as a CPA, he does this himself.  Go to page 13:

9th Circuit appeal  part 1
                           part 2
                           part 3
                           part 4

Answer to SEC's summary disposition proceedings in its Administrative Court.

The Court has not accepted any of the Receiver's reports for 18 months - since November of 2012, which is when I lost legal representation and started representing myself in court (faced with no other option) and opposing his reports to the Court and his requests for paymet.  Here is my opposition to the receiver's and his attorney's most recent requests for payment.  

9th Circuit Follow-up filing to opening brief.

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